Pierre Auguste Renoir

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the central figures of the Impressionist movement.

Pierre Auguste Renoir originally trained as a painter of ceramics before moving to Paris to study art. Here he met and befriended the great impressionist painters Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, and Alfred Sisley and with them, set up the revolutionary Impressionist movement.

Renior’s early works were typical Impressionist snapshots of real urban, Parisian life; embracing a bright palette, which gave a warm and sunny feel. From the 1880’s onwards, Renoir developed a more classically inspired style with his paintings becoming more disciplined and his technique more formal. This was to be a monumental shift that would influence many of the avant-garde greats, including Pablo Picasso. During this time, Renoir painted three of his masterworks, Dance in the Country, Dance in the City and Dance at Bougival. These, along with his other compositions of portraits of people socialising (such as Two Sisters) and outdoor scenes of nudes (including The Bathers), have become some of the most iconic artworks of the 20th century and now hang in the most important galleries on every continent.

Pierre Auguste Renoir


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