It’s the results of British fine artist Richard Rowan’s extraordinary technique that has made him one of the most sought after artists on the market. His spectacular paintings of skies and landscapes come from a unique process of painting oil onto glass – his preferred medium. Rowan uses a variety of homemade tools, craft knives and even his fingers, to layer paint onto the reverse of a piece of safety glass. As the viewer looks through the pane of glass, the eye is drawn to the centre where the light is focused, illuminating the image so that it is seen apparently floating unsupported within the frame.

Understandably, these unique and enchanting pieces are hard to replicate as prints. However, with a great deal of experimentation Richard Rowan’s publishers have perfected a process whereby the impact of his original work can be experienced in the Richard Rowan limited edition prints, offering a new perspective on the world.

Rowan’s most notable works include: Heartland, Aurora and Enlightenment.

Richard Rowan