Rob Hefferan is a British figurative artist whose oil paintings could almost be mistaken for photographs.

His photo-real portraits capture the personality of each of his subjects by working with light, colour and texture to reflect the vibrancy of life. Using oils and acrylics to create his stunning paintings and limited edition prints, Hefferan draws on a range of techniques, styles and themes to ensure his work is responsive to contemporary tastes. Hefferan attributes his ability to change and grow to his successful career as a designer and illustrator. He has illustrated a number of children’s books and has worked on several high profile advertising campaigns. Never deterred, however, from following his dream to become an established artist, Hefferan’s success was realised when his first solo art exhibition sold out almost instantly. Recently Heffernan has re-imagined four works by Turner.

Heffernan’s photo-realistic depiction of the female form is clearly visible in works such as: Sheer Grace, Romantic Melody and Waiting.

Rob Hefferan