Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana is an American artist known for his famous Love series that marked him as one of the central figures of the American Pop Art movement.

Sign Painting

Since Indiana first began stencilling words onto his assembled wood sculptures in the 1950s, he has called himself a ‘sign painter’. This term highlights the fact that the roots of his practice lie in a trade rather than an artistic tradition, as well as his fascination with the aesthetics of signs and their effect on our environment. He drew most of his inspiration from commercial signs in America, claiming, “There are more signs than trees in America. There are more signs than leaves. So I think of myself as a painter of American landscape.” Taking the Roman numerals and letters from American signs, Indiana created a body of artwork that explored American identity, personal history and the power of abstraction and language.


Robert Indiana was born Robert Clark in New Castle, Indiana in 1928. His talent for art was evident from an early age and he was encouraged by his teachers to pursue the subject. In 1942 Indiana began attending the Arsenal Technical High School and after graduating he spent three years in the U.S. Air Force. After the war he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting in Maine, and the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

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