Entablature by roy lichtenstein

Entablature Roy Lichtenstein

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Roy Lichtenstein was born 1923 in New York and is infamous for his contribution to the Pop Art movement, emerging in the 1960s. The artist first started photographing architectural facades and ornamental motifs around Lower Manhattan in 1971.

He zeroed in on a specific type of architectural superstructure made out of a series of moldings. Inspired by Classic Greek architecture, these elements are referred to as ‘cornice’, ‘frieze’ and ‘architrave’. All three decorative components are usually found atop architectural columns and bear the collective label of ‘entablature’.

These monumental architectural elements provided the artist with ready-made designs, similar to the comic strip and advertisement sources he applied in other artistic endeavours. The artist manufactured two series of paintings around the topic of entablature. The first series of paintings were purely black and white, while the second ones were supplied with colours, culminating in the production of eleven technologically advanced prints in 1976.

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