Roy Lichtenstein - Landscapes, Moonscapes, Seascapes

Landscapes, Moonscapes, Seascapes Roy Lichtenstein

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Roy Lichtenstein was amongst the most influential and innovative American artists of the post-war period. He was an aficionado of Pop Art, rising to prominence for his impactful cartoon imagery.

Lichtenstein skillfully retained his characteristic pop aesthetic throughout his career. What’s more, he advanced the scope of his formal vocabulary by continually engaging new and disparate influences.

Central to Lichtenstein’s practice was parody, which enabled the artist to engage with his often appropriated source materials from an ironic distance. He frequently revised the language of popular and commercial culture. At the same time, he also probed the boundaries of what fine art has been considered throughout history and what it could become in the future.

The landscape genre was a topic he returned to with regularity. The historical style encapsulated Lichtenstein’s enduring interest in the cliché infused properties of art. He evolved and expanded his vibrant Landscapes, Moonscapes and Seascapes for over three decades.

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