Lichtenstein’s attraction to print as a medium was undeniable; he once said that “I feel I sort of reset myself when I’m going to do a print. It’s a different activity from the painting. Part of it is the proofing, that you can try different colours in exactly the same place. … I guess I like the activity of deciding to do a group of prints. I don’t particularly like the activity of doing one print. It interrupts my focus.”

With such an impressive print output Lichtenstein in a Pop Art collectors favourite. His fascination with the medium was given free reign by Tyler Graphics by Gemini cofounder Kenneth Tyler in 1974 in New York. With state of the art equipment and expert technicians Tyler was able to offer Lichtenstein and other leading artists the opportunity to produce complex prints on a large scale.

Getting Started

Print is an ideal way to introduce the work of a prominent artist to your collection. It can often mean the more accessible ‘way in’ to exploring the artist’s career and experiment with your own tastes, learn about their processes, and ultimately test the market. The generally lower price point of an original print or multiple, in comparison to an original painting for example, can be significant, and turnover in the ability to buy and sell, much greater.

What should I look for?

Look out for Lichtenstein’s screenprints, woodblocks and lithographs. Notable publishers include Gemini G.E.L, LA, with whom he worked throughout his career from his first series of prints from 1969, Haystacks. Explore provenance, seller’s past clients or personal collection, and look online to discover other collections that hold work from your edition.

What is the best investment?

The market for Lichtenstein prints remains strong and engaged, and the chances of it going anywhere is slim to none, but as with all trends, certain ‘periods’ may fluctuate.  The Benday dots and comic-book strips remain the most coveted of Lichtenstein works, but there are works more and less in demand. To discuss the market further with one of our dedicated Lichtenstein brokers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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