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The Big Issue Stik

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The Big Issue is a collection of posters produced by STIK as part of an initiative to transform Big Issue sellers into art dealers. The 75,000 prints could only be found in editions of the magazine, released on March 11th 2013. The magazine, bought by vendors for £1.25 per copy and sold for £2.50, was founded as an initiative to provide opportunities for the homeless community.

Describing the figure in the print as ‘just standing, looking’, STIK describes restarting work on the print due to dissatisfaction with a lack of ‘balance’ in his original composition. The print depicts a stickman standing squarely, arms dangling, looking forlornly down to the right. The project was funded by an advertising company that failed to gain STIK’s permission before using his work in a campaign. Together with removing the advert, they agreed to fund the poster project.

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