Brooklyn based street artist, Swoon, specialises in pasting life-size prints and paper cut outs of figures on city walls around the world.

Caledonia Dance Curry, aka Swoon, began creating street art in 1999 whilst studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her original act of ‘brandalism’ was to put up posters and stickers on city walls and billboards so as to alter existing advertising. This later led to her pasting walls with paper cut outs of ordinary people that she has observed in her everyday life. With the aim of highlighting the human element of urban living, Swoon’s street art is an immersive, provocative, and transformative experience for its participants. As she explains, “the street installations are about marking a moment in time, so that you’ll remember an area by what was around.”

As well as her street art, Swoon has created limited edition prints and designed and built several large-scale installations. Her artworks have been collected by The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Tate Modern. Major pieces have appeared at PS1, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Black Rat Press.