Takashi Murakami

Often referred to as the Andy Warhol of Japan, Takashi Murakami’s works are flooded with his iconic cute, grotesque and erotic invented characters. Working in traditional media such as painting and sculpture as well as in commercial media including fashion and animation, Murakami has successfully blurred the lines between high art and low culture, East and West, past and present.

Murakami initially studied “nihonga,” traditionalist Japanese painting, at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music where he earned his BA, MFA and PhD. Though he originally resented nihonga, it later would join “otaku” as fundamental to his work. A lover of anime and manga from a young age, Murakami’s aesthetic is a combination of otaku, or the obsession with anime and cartoons, and the tenants of contemporary art.

Using characters such as Mr Pointy, smiling flowers and colourful mushrooms in his “superflat” style, Murakami explores the relationship between art and consumerism. His success has led to a myriad of international exhibitions as well as high profile partnerships. Not only has he caught the attention of collectors like Kanye West, Murakami’s resulting success has led to collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton.

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Takashi Murakami

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