Banksy has put up a post on Instagram directed at the vandals of his new Valentine’s Day Work.

                                                       Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Piece. Image courtesy:

Banksy has told the public and those responsible for defacing his work that he is “glad” the piece has been vandalised. In the Instagram post Banksy said, “I’m kind of glad the piece in Barton Hill got vandalised. The initial sketch was a lot better.”

He accompanied this message with three images of his initial sketches for the mural, giving the general public and unusual glimpse behind his curtain of secrecy and into his creative process.

The art work, dubbed “Valentine’s Banksy”, on Barton Hill in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol appeared in the early hours of the 13th of February, with excited locals sharing the images on social media hoping the work was Banksy original. At midnight on the 14th February – Valentine’s Day – Banksy confirmed it was his own work.

Since then there has been a flurry of interested from the media and from the public coming to visit the mural. However, only days after it was created, the art work was vandalised with bright pink graffiti and the flowers – ivy sprayed with red paint – that had adorned the Marsh Lane street sign were put up for sale on eBay.

Since then, the owners of the house the Banksy was created on had boarded up the mural in the hope of preserving it and making it “available to everyone for years to come and for as many people as possible to come along to take a look and enjoy it.”

Many have expressed outrage at the vandals ruining the image for the public. But in this post Banksy has, true to style, displayed his sense of sardonic humour in response.