The Austria-based Fine Art Studio believes in street art’s potential to make a positive change. Meisterdrücke’s team of experts are calling on Banksy to use his reputation as the world’s most well-known urban artist to take a stance against growing gang-related knife crime in London.

The epidemic continues to be a problem with 130 recorded stabbings in 2019 (compared to 132 last year) with experts listing root causes such as unemployment and low financial stability but still not having agreed on a solution.

Meisterdrucke Fine Arts suggests creativity and art can provide guidance and progressive ways of self-expression for young people and they urge Banksy to use his status to make some form of public statement such as a video or an artwork denouncing knife-crime, motivating London’s youth to choose a different path. They are also proposing for the Mayor of London to develop an engagement program with local communities in the form of street art workshops to channel young people’s energy creatively, relying on art’s statistically proven therapeutic qualities to help prevent street violence and its causes.