The first comprehensive survey of Banksy work in Germany will be opening on Thursday 14 April at the Galerie Kronsbein in Munich. Banksy King of Urban Art will contain over 40 works, including originals and editions of some of the “world’s most successful guerrilla sprayers” most famous works.

The exhibition is set to feature the infamous Gangster Rat and Paparazzi Rat stencils, Balloon Girl, two original versions of Toxic Mary, which depict the Virgin Mary feeding a baby Jesus with some toxic fluid; as well as his Choose Your Weapon series, featuring a boy in a hoody with a barking dog – an homage to street art pioneer Keith Haring.

The exhibition will be of particular interest to German Banksy fans, as his last mural in Germany was destroyed by vandals in Hamburg in 2015.

Gallery director Sarah Kronsbein said to artnet News, “Banksy is the Andy Warhol of urban art, he’s responsible for establishing urban art in art history. We want to show a cross-section of his work, and show key pieces that guide the viewer through Banksy’s world.” Banksy’s world has now influenced numerous other street artists, who will be represented alongside him in the exhibition to give his work a current context.

Banksy’s reputation as a subversive street artist has remained successfully uncompromised despite numerous, supposed, ‘unveilings’ of his identity (read more about that here) and his new status as ‘contemporary art darling’ in the galleries – his works often reaching six figures in Sotheby’s and Christies. His continued success both on the streets and in the auction houses and galleries, is down to nothing more than his dedication to his craft, and the guerilla nature of it, and his continued ability to subvert and surprise his public. As the gallery says in its statement: “everybody is chasing after him. First it was the police, today it is the collectors.”

Banksy King of Urban Art will be on at Galerie Kronsbein, Munich, from Thursday 14 April – Saturday 10 September 2016.