The Banksy rumour mill is in over-drive since a new art work appeared on the streets of Southhampton.

                                                    Potential New Banksy. Photo: Matt Adamiak. Image courtesy: OnTheWight

The mural is in certainly in keeping with both Banksy’s style and with his political sentiments, but it is yet to appear either on his website or Instagram account.

The mural features a young girl sitting on the floor holding a balloon – the ‘o’ shape of the balloon connecting to the words ‘Our Future’. Inside the ‘o’ of the balloon is the Extinction Rebellion hourglass symbol, which appears to have been painted at the same time as the mural.

This new piece of Street Art covers a spot Banksy has previously adorned with his art: in 2010, he created an almost identical image of a young girl holding aloft a balloon, but previously, this connected with the more pessimistic message of ‘No Future’.

The 2010 piece was vandalised just days later and white-washed over.

                                                           Banksy’s No Future (2010). Image Courtesy: WideWalls

Some are making the link between the piece and Greta Thunberg being its new incarnation’s inspiration, as the environmental activist visited Bristol last Friday to take part in a protest against climate change, using the unorthodox vehicle of hot air balloon for her journey.

Gallery owner and Banksy “expert” John Brandler, who bought Banksy’s Season’s Greetings artwork in Port Talbot, talked to the MailOnline about the new piece in Southampton, and the likelihood as to whether it is a genuine Banksy. He said: “It is difficult to judge if it is definitely a Banksy piece from the photos I have seen…but is it not unknown for Banksy to go back to old murals that have been damaged. So it may well be he has gone back.”

“I would say there is a 60 to 70 per cent chance it is his work, but we need to see what he put on his website.”

However, the only person that can say for 100 per cent certain whether it is a Banksy or not, is the man of mystery himself. And so far, he remains silent.