It has been announced that world-renowned Street Artist Banksy will feature in a new exhibition being held in his hometown.

                                                 Banksy’s Girl With a Pearl Earring in Bristol

The exhibition, Vanguard | Bristol Street Art: The evolution of a global movement, aims to celebrate Street Art and its artists, particularly those from Bristol, demonstrating how instrumental they have been in shaping both British Street Art, and wider the Street Art landscape today.

The exhibition will show seminal works from leading Bristolian, British and Irish artists – including rare works from the late 90’s and some never-before-seen works.

Vanguard will include works by Banksy; the American Photographer Henry Chalfant, who is renowned for his work documenting the American graffiti scenes; Inkie, and Bristol-born Robert 3D Del Naja of Massive Attack fame, who is often cited as one of Bristol’s first street artists, among a number of others.

The exhibition is being run in partnership with the Bristol Museum, which says the show “will explore the evolution of street art in response to Bristol’s unique identity and underground culture – beginning with its anarchist origins in the 80’s and 90’s to the global phenomenon that is street art today.”

“An additional focus on international artists beyond the UK will spotlight the growing relationship between art and sustainability as we re-contextualise the activity from its anarchist beginnings to the global phenomenon we know today.”

                                                            Henry Chalfant’s Zeph Revolt. Image courtesy: 

The exhibition is being held at the M Shed in Bristol. The curation team is headed by Mary McCarthy, who has worked within the field for the past 20 years. She told Bristol Live: “Vanguard celebrates the unique environment that Bristol provided and its role in generating some of the world’s most notable names in music and art.”

“Considering the ongoing evolution of the global movement, we recognise the importance of the city as the birthplace of British street art.” She added.

The exhibition will run from June 6 through to November 1.

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