Damien Hirst has announced he is opening a chapel in the south of France.

The world-famous artist of YBA notoriety announced in an Instagram post that he is in the early stages of building a chapel in the South of France.

The Instagram post featuring workers pushing giant white plaster figures on a trolly Hirst said, “I’m making a chapel for the south of France the spire is a huge bronze arm pointing to god and this is the fingers going for casting.”

In a later post on Instagram, accompanied with an image of his Buddhist Mantra (2014), Hirst said, This Kaleidoscope painting has 12 lines of reflection or symmetry. I think the blue butterflies are my favourites. It’s such an amazing blue, so sexy and a feast for the eyes. I titled the series of blue butterfly works ‘Ice’. The colour and the patterns that are created in this way always feel deeply religious and spiritual to me. Believe or don’t believe, but it’s hard to argue with.”

The image brings to mind stained glass, which Hirst has worked with previously, and would be perfectly suited for his new chapel.

The construction of Hirst’s chapel brings to mind another world-renowned artist who designed a chapel in 1951: Henri Matisse’s La Chapelle du Rosaire, also in the south of France, in Vence, which Matisse designed brightly coloured stained glass for.

Hirst is overseeing the design of the chapel, and said that “the spire is a huge bronze arm pointing to God.” Once completed it is going to be located at Chateau Lacoste, which is a vineyard renowned for its public art by the likes of Ai Wei Wei and Louise Bourgeois.

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