A new exhibition of David Hockney’s iPad drawings has just gone on display at the Annely Juda Fine Art gallery in London. The series on display as the Yosemite Suite, depictions of the magnificent landscapes of Yosemite National Park, created between 2010-11. It consists of twenty-four images and five very large prints.

In his 2012 retrospective (where this work was first shown) that spanned his 60 year career, what really became clear as you surveyed all of his work, was his fascination with landscape – whether it be the Yorkshire woods and dales, the rocky desert of the Grand Canyon, or, in this case the verdant hills of Yosemite.

Hockney has always been one to experiment with new mediums: his ‘joiners’ (collages) were created using the numerous photographs he took, he’s used fax machines and Photoshop – the iPad is just another tool for him to explore what he calls “the tyranny of one-point perspective” as he approaches his 80th birthday.

Hockney has embraced the iPad as artistic medium wholeheartedly, drawing parallels between contemporary artists’ use of technology to the Renaissance Masters’ use of mirrors, or the influence of the photograph on the evolution of painting. Using the ‘Brushes’ app, Hockney is given the freedom of drawing ‘en plein air’ and the ability to go back to various ‘layers’ of his drawing process.

This comes ahead of Hockney’s most comprehensive exhibition ever at the Tate Britain in 2017. The exhibition will run until 19 August 2016 – so catch it while you can!