Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? No? Then you may be pleased to hear Jake & Dinos Chapman, the notoriously naughty YBA brothers, have opened up their own online shop, and it’s open to everyone. Famous for their shocking and humorous works, including their watercolour series of Adolf Hitler in 2008, the Chapman Brothers have, over the years, grown an incredibly loyal and vast fan base.

The products on sale in the shop vary as much in price as in medium; including £10 customised loo rolls, signed and customised skateboards such as the ‘McCheesus x Supreme Skateboard Deck’, posters, t-shirts and books including ‘Memoirs of My Writers Block’ being sold next to original works of art such as the signed, colourful etching ‘Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights VIII’ among a few others.  They have even catered for the budding interior decorator with their ‘Insult to Injury’ wallpaper, featuring eighty distorted Goya illustrations ‘depicting the atrocities of the Spanish civil war’.

Aside from e-commerce becoming a growing financial incentive for many artists, the idea behind the online shop is to make all of the Chapman brothers’ fans feel included, to make themselves accessible to anyone who likes them, not just your average collector. As Jake said in the Telegraph: “Even Charles Saatchi started off buying small – which is rich coming from a man who said that the ‘YBAs’ would merely be a footnote to history… Mind you, he doesn’t strike me as a man who reads books with footnotes.”

So, if you fancy yourself a budding collector or just think your bathroom experience is little bland, you’ll be able to find something you want at the shop. There even appears to be a Damien Hirst-esque shark sculpture (pictured) available to you and me for just £2.50; for the ultimate statement in modern art irony.