Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry has recently found himself under fire from art critic Jonathan Jones…


Back in 2001, while reviewing Perry’s show at the Saatchi Gallery, and inspired by John Ruskin, Jones said “once suggested the best service a monarch might perform for the arts would be to collect all the laborious landscapes of the 17th century Dutch painters, put them in a museum and burn it. I feel the same about Grayson Perry’s vases. Smash them and bury the pieces.”

In 2015, he described Perry’s Provincial Punk exhibition as akin to “being trapped in a room full of trendy folk talking bollocks”, and this time, Jones called Perry’s work “suburban popular culture.”

Perry decided that, this time, he would work with what Jones had said, literally. Jones can now find his quote on one of Perry’s new vases that he has just previewed in anticipation of his show at the Serpentine Gallery next year. Jones will also find that Perry has misspelled his name (it reads: “Johnathan,”) – whether innocently or not – and also stated that Jones writes for The Daily Mail; when in actual fact he is the art critic for The Guardian.

Perry’s new vase suitably infuriated Jones; and he has written a new riposte to Perry stating (among many other things!) that “He [Grayson Perry] really is not an artist at all … His incorporation of my criticism is exactly the kind of oh-so-knowing gesture that he offers instead of any true creative fire.”

Jones ends his diatribe with, “Grayson Perry is what happens when art becomes a pseudo-intellectual entertainment for a world that is too busy to look and too distracted to feel: an artist for people who can’t be bothered with art. Now put that on a pot.”

I wouldn’t goad him Jones, he just might …

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