A review of the week in art – stick with us for anything you've missed.

1. Warning: any art lovers not living in NYC, the following may make you envious…a new independent cinema, the Metrogtaph theatre, housed in a red brick building in the gallery district of the Lower East Side, will open its doors to the public on March 4th. The lineup of films has caused enormous excitement, ranging from art-house classics such as 'Barry Lyndon' and 'Taxi Driver' to 'Chelsea Girls', Andy Warhol’s famous film, and a one week long engagement called ‘Hockney’, the title of the documentary being screened, in which artist David Hockney (pictured) gave director Randal Wright access to his personal archive of photographs and home movies. Makes the iMax sound a little tame. (via Art News)

2. A “24-foot-long, rectangular 2005 Haulmark trailer disappeared Nov. 20 from an industrial park near Nordhoff Street and Alabama Avenue,” the Los Angeles times has reported. This very ordinary trailer was holding some quite extraordinary cargo. An estimated $250,000 worth of artworks by Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró and Keith Haring. The police are appealing for witnesses. (via the LA Times)

3. Fortunately Miró was a prolific painter, and produced numerous works of art right up until his death. Those later works of art can be viewed at The Bowman Sculpture, where the gallery has recreated Miró’s famous Mallorcan studio, complete with paint brushes, correspondences and splatterings of paint. Read more about this in our recent article.

4. The exhibition ‘Art from the Holocaust’ will open soon at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. It will contain some 100 hundred pieces of art that were secretly created by 50 artists during the holocaust-era. Of the 50 artists, half were killed by the Nazi’s, but their works survived. These works were selected from some 6,000 artworks the holocaust memorial group ‘Yad Vashed’ have been given by survivors and their families. The works of art aim to show Hitler’s “failure to kill the spirit,” says Ms. Toll, one of the surviving artists. (via NY Times)

5. All arty girls, and guys, rejoice! Tracey Emin has designed a collection of jewellry with ‘rock star’ jeweller and longtime friend, Stephen Webster. The 50 piece collection is titled ‘I Promise To Love You’ and the designs have been inspired by her neon graffiti and her sketches of woodland animals. Now, who loves you enough to buy you that £12,000 ring? (via Stylist)