This week, these news stories caught our eye…

1. The Picasso painting, Woman Dressing Her Hair, supposedly a stolen portrait of Dora Maar that was seized by authroities in Istanbul last week (read about it here) is a fake. The Paris based Picasso Administration have confirmed it is almost certainly a “copy”, a copy that was being marketed at $7 million. The MoMA in New York has confirmed the original painting is a part of its collection. (via Global Post)

2. This week the incredibly beautiful Parisian print collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (all 1,800 of the collection) was made accessible and visible to the public online. Due to the works sensitivity to light and their size, they cannot be exhibited on a permanent basis. The addition of the collection on their website allows visitors to flick through as much of the collection as you chose, learning as much or as little about print making as you choose along the way.  (via Van Gogh Museum)

3. The Chinese dissident artist has been one of a few artists, including Banksy, to shine a light on the on-going refugee crisis, now Weiwei is to create a sculpture made from the life jackets of those refugees who have made the treacherous crossing to the Greek island of Lesbos. The mayor of the island, now famous for it’s influx of refugees, has donated 14,000 discarded life jackets to the cause. “This work aims to mobilise the global community regarding the crime carried out daily in the Aegean by ruthless people smugglers,” the town said in a statement. The life jackets couldn’t be put to better use, as they were poorly made in Turkey and sold to migrants even though they would have offered them little to no protection if there was an accident at sea.  (via Art Daily)

4. David Bailey, one of Britain’s most celebrated photographers will be recognised at the International Centre of Photography in New York on April 11th for his lifetime achievement; where he will collect an award of the same name. “The Infinity Awards is a very special night each year at which we celebrate the achievements of remarkable talent across photography and visual arts,” said ICP Executive Director Mark Lubell. (via Art Daily)

5. A work previously thought to be that of one of the many students who crowded Hieronymus Bosch’s workshop has been discovered to be that of the  Netherlandish master himself. The painting had been in storage at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, where having been acquired by the gallery in the 1930s. The revelation comes after five years of research by an independent team and as the town he used to live in celebrates the 500th anniversary of his death. It’s titled The Temptation of St Anthony and is thought to be a part of a larger panel, possibly a triptych.  (via The Guardian)