The art stories capturing our attention and imagination this week.

1. New footage of Andy Warhol, doing what he does best: playing Andy Warhol, has been uncovered along with a haul of ‘Warholian’ photos from the house of one of Wahol’s closest friends during the 1980s, Paige Powell. This particular video (pictured) was shot in 1983 on the day Warhol and his followers were due to celebrate the 14th anniversary of his creation Interview Magazine – which Warhol is unable to attend, as he says: “I wish I could go…I have a class…about how to get up in the morning.” This video (see it here), along with three others and rest of Powell’s archives – including photos of Jean-Michel Basquiat (Powell’s boyfriend for a time), are on display at the show The Ride at Portland Art Museum in Oregon. (via Artnet)

2. Les Carrières de Lumières – a former quarry North east of Arles that holds art-based multimedia shows, is to host a new multimedia show exploring the Russian-French artist Marc Chagall. Chagall: Midsummer Night’s Dreams will feature some of Chagall’s most celebrated masterpieces, which have been digitized, to be screened on to the 4,000m2 site of the former quarry. The exhibition will be divided into 12 parts, and explore his many sources of inspiration, accompanied by the soundtrack guided by pianist Mikhaïl Rudy, who was a friend of Chagall’s. Read more on this story here.

3. It has been announced the Tate and Elton will be beginning a long-term relationship with a new photography exhibition, The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection. Sir Elton John is considered to have one of the greatest private photography collections in the world; and this exhibition focuses on the modernist photography from the 1920s to the 1950s, with the likes of Man Ray and Berenice Abbot, and portraits of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and André Breton, among many other cultural icons. The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection at Tate Modern will run from 10 November 2016 until 7 May 2017.

4. As the Tate begins one long-term relationship, it ends another, with sponsor BP. BP have announced they will be terminating their 27 year sponsorship of the Tate Galleries due to an “extremely challenging business environment”, rather than the endless protests against their sponsorship – which have included protesters writing messages regarding climate change on the floor of the Turbine Hall for 25hrs and even occupying parts of the Tate Britain. The future sponsorship of The National Portrait Gallery and the British Museum is also under discussion. (via The Guardian)

5. Finally William Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare, is getting a bit of the limelight. John Shakespeare, worked as bailiff for Stratford Upon Avon during the Reformation under Henry VIII, when he was ordered to removed priceless paintings from a historic Guild Chapel in the town a year before William Shakespeare’s birth. Fortunately for art historians, and, culture generally, for whatever reason (for which we must be thankful) John Shakespeare chose not to entirely destroy the works, but instead to whitewash them. The Heritage Lottery Fund has donated £100,000 to have them restored and returned to display. (via BBC news)