Five things in art you might’ve missed this week…did we leave out some big news? Tell us in the comments.

1. Trade unions in Barcelona are rallying to prevent Picasso’s former art school being turned into a Woody Allen Museum. The Escola d’Arts i Oficis de Barcelona was immortalised by Picasso in his ‘The Young Ladies of Avignon’. Allen shot ‘Vicky, Christina Barcelona’ in the city in 2008, persuading the council to part with €1milion and close its streets for the film. Trade unionists claim the transformation would be for the benefit of tourists not local residents. via Gawker

2.  A lawsuit filed on Monday means Jeff Koons is in a spot of bother. There are allegations he infringed copyright by appropriating New York photographer Mitchell Gray’s photograph for Gordon’s Gin for part of the artists’ ‘Luxury and Degradation’ series. As of yet no comment has been provided by Koons. Click here for the full story.

3. The seminal exhibition in Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria, of two modern monoliths:Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei’ (pictured) opened on the 11th  of this month; and has vicariously garnered a lot of attention for the plastic brick company Lego.

Weiwei’s cultural team had contacted Lego requesting a bulk order of the plastic bricks for an artwork being featured in the exhibition. Lego’s response was less than supportive, saying it would be in violation of their “corporate policy” and refused to supply Weiwei with his bulk order of plastic bricks. Weiwei has been quoted as saying it is an “act of censorship and discrimination.” Since then Weiwei has been asking the public for Lego donations, which are still pouring in at the museum collection points. The exhibition is open until April 24th. via The Guardian

4. One of the leading modern British painters, the late Sir Terry Frost’s (1915–2003) retrospective exhibition enters it’s final weeks with closing set for January 9th. The exhibition brings together his paintings, sculptures and collages from public and private collections, at the Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange (Penzance) in his home county of Cornwall. via Newlyn Art Gallery 

5. As you might be aware, the new Star Wars was released on Thursday of this week, and many have been breathless in anticipation for this moment. None have used their anticipation quite as creatively as artist George Folz (follow him on Twitter), who has been creating a Star Wars comic book panel from iconic Star Wars scenes every day this year in anticipation of the release, under the hashtag #darthdays. Folz will continue the project into 2016. via The Guardian