JR wows at Rio Olympic games in what has been a high profile year for the artist

Just months after wowing the public with his optical illusion at the Louvre (as part of his exhibition JR au Louvre, (JR made IM Pei’s famous glass pyramid at the Louvre, appear to disappear by pasting the façade of the main building on to the iconic pyramid); the French street artist is wowing us again with his contribution to the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics.

With enormous installations towering over the urban horizons, JR continues his love of trompe l’oeil. This time – and for the first time – JR, is using scaffolding on which to canvas his images, and so elevating his Olympic heroes high above the sky and shoreline, creating a fantastic, quite magical, impact.

One of his immense Olympic heroes is attached to the roof of an apartment complex. The athlete pictured in the midst of a high jump, frozen in time as he appears to clear the towering block of apartments, is Mohamed Younes Idriss, who did not qualify for Rio 2016.

JR said, “He missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympics but he is there somehow…”

Another, that JR called, “my first flying piece”, is of an Olympic diver, appearing to launch himself into the vast blue Brazilian sea. This series of epic athletes is not JR’s first project in Rio, another titled, Women are Heroes saw him paste huge photographs of the faces and eyes of local women onto one of the city’s most violent favelas.