New York-based artist KAWS has released a few sneaky peaks to tease excited visitors in anticipation of his upcoming exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in February 2016.

KAWS took to Instagram while visiting the factory manufacturing his giant wood and fiberglass sculptures in Maastricht, in the Netherlands. He posted a couple of snap shots of his army of giant sculptures on the factory floor; still in their individual parts, in the process of being built. He also released an image of himself working on one of the wooden sculptures, giving us a true idea of their prodigious size and showing a fine example of some “next-level carpentry”, as one fan commented.

KAWS’ style is now instantly recognizable: Disney-esque characters being slightly subverted and contorted. His infamous style grew from his experience as both a freelance animator for Disney (his background animation work is featured in 101 Dalmatians) and a graffiti artist in New Jersey, who subverted billboards and advertising campaigns that initially would remain visible for months, but as KAWS’ popularity rocketed, the doctored advertisements became increasingly sought after.

These early influences are ever-present in his work and the images released on his Instagram show that we can expect a continuation of his trademark theme at the upcoming exhibition.

The exhibition will also feature some of KAWS’ much-celebrated bright, graphic and surreal canvases that are rendered in acrylic paint, at the park’s Longside Gallery. The Longside Gallery overlooks the large park (500 acres to be precise) where his monolithic, and mostly melancholic, sculptures will be placed. The diversity between the natural backdrop and his highly graphic style is bound to be an interesting contrast.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the UK’s first open-air gallery and was the winner of the ‘Art Fund Museum of the Year’ in 2014. The exhibition is scheduled to run from February the 16th – June 12th 2016, and I’m sure we can expect a few more teasers from KAWS until then.

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