So, perhaps you're a budding art collector, or you just need a quick refresher on looking after your art, look no further!

Most modern homes are a good environment for art. If your house is comfy for you it will be good for your art too as both parties like a stable environment with no huge fluctuations in heat or light. And, you can keep an eye on your collection and monitor it for any changes.

Paintings and works on paper – most traditional media can be conserved very well in a domestic setting for years and years, following these simple guidelines:

Placement: Hang works where they won’t get knocked and are out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources. Consider eye lines across a room and how you will see the work from other parts of the house, such as through a doorway or from a favourite armchair.

Framing: Most works will come professionally framed, but if you buy unframed make sure you invest in a quality supplier. They will use acid-free cardboard backing that won’t damage your works and can offer UV-protective glass, and glare-free glass. If you have boisterous children in the house, consider UV-protective plexiglass that won’t shatter if it’s knocked.

Humidity: Keep humidity levels up a little bit in winter when you have your radiators on – to prevent suddenly drying your works out too much (you can buy all sorts of little humidifiers).  Keep humidity down in summer (keep lids on your saucepans when boiling up water, for example).

Light levels: Even if you have invested in UV-protective glass frames, you can still consider getting blinds to limit bright sunlight. Exposure to too much, can cause pigments to fade, and paper to yellow.

Watch out for nasties: be vigilant against insects, mould, tobacco smokers…

If in doubt: call in the experts; some contemporary works are difficult to preserve if made of found objects or degradable materials, be sure to ask advice from your dealer if you have any concerns. MyArtBroker can connect you to dealers who specialise in different genres of art and specfic artists, get in touch for more information.