Owning a piece of art and having it in your own space is surprisingly rewarding, so much better than having a reproduction or visiting an exhibition. But most people don’t realize this until they hang their very first piece of art. 

Here’s three things we love about owning real art.

You can look at it for longer than a minute

One minute…the average amount of time people stand in front of a work in an exhibition or gallery. The National Gallery, Tate Modern, The British Museum are full of magnificent works that were never meant to be hung and gawped at by hoards of trooping punters filing by. We are enormously lucky to see these pieces, but don’t forget they were made to be lived with – in churches, monasteries, palaces, grand country houses, domestic bedrooms or dining rooms. Their complex iconography takes more than a minute to work out. Why rely on a picture caption or audio soundtrack to tell you what to think when you could work it out yourself, by looking at a work properly, over time?

You can look at your work at different times of day

Notice how the colours and textures change in morning sunshine or the dim light of the evening (museums have to favour uniform controlled light levels which can numb the senses). Sit back after dinner on a special occasion, light the candles and contemplate your collection. Place two works side by side, to see how they compare.

In today’s disposable culture not much is authentic – but art is

Yes, we know – you’re reading this on a computer – you’re used to looking at images beamed out in red, green, blue light from LED devices (and that opens up all sorts of wonderful possibilities). But don’t forget the real world of three dimensions that appeals far more fully to all our human senses. Yes, art is a often a very good investment, it can give you social status, it can introduce you to a whole new social activity – but fundamentally the artist wants you to look at it and think about it. You do that best when you actually have a piece of art on your own walls. 

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Image credit:

Magnificent Obsessions
The Artist as Collector
Installation images
Barbican Art Gallery
12 Feb – 25May 2015
© Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images