Bob Dylan is now 74  – an elder statesman of popular music. As a visual artist, he’s less well known, but that’s not stopping his huge artistic energies.

Intensely creative, he’s always painted and drawn but has only recently started showing his works publically. The first big show was in 2007, with works from the Drawn Blank series on view in a gallery in Chemnizt, Germany. He’s gone on to produce several new bodies of work each year – most recently the Brazil Series, which depicts gritty snapshots of the country and its folk: its favelas, farmers and working people. The works have had a mixed critical reception: from enthusiastic praise from Dylan fans to cooler appraisals from critics who are suspicious of Dylan’s credentials and perhaps a little snobbish about his folk-music roots.

In the UK, the sole primary dealer for his work is Washington Green Fine Art Publishing company, part of the Halcyon Group. They have galleries around the country, all of which have some works by Dylan available, mainly from The Drawn Blank Series that has new releases each year, sometimes new images, sometimes images from previous years in different colour ways.

Castle Galleries (a high street chain of art galleries owned by Washington Green) now state that the entire Brazil Series (the newest release from Dylan) has sold out, being snapped up within a relatively short time of being released – and are now highly sought after. If you want one, you’ll need to look on the secondary market, or bide your time… it’s not unheard of for a few copies of ‘sold out’ editions to turn up on the primary market.  Alternatively, see an experienced art broker – either to approach an existing collector who may wish to sell on, or to find a dealer who may have one available. Take a look at the available Bob Dylan artwork MyArtBroker can get access to.