ICYMI in the Banksy, Dismaland excitement, here’s the week in art.

1. Two Warhol pieces have vanished from The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce, Slovakia.
A Campbell’s Soup Can (pictured, left) and a Marilyn Monroe piece (which it’s thought could sell for six figures) have been missing since March after they were loaned to an individual, who has since disappeared, for educational purposes. The Medzilaborce museum has the second largest collection of Warhol’s in the world and is located in north-eastern Slovakia in tribute to Warhol’s mother, Julia Warhola, who lived 10 miles from the town. (via Art Daily)

– updated on 27 August as the pieces were found again! (via The Slovak Spectator)

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2. Brand new installation by FAILE in Times Square, New York
Wishing on You at Broadway Plaza is a large-scale installation based on Asian prayer wheels which explores the districts colourful history and heritage. The sculpture which was unveiled on Monday, is an interactive art public art piece: visitors are invited to spin a hand-carved wheel which powers the sculpture’s red-blue-and-white lights and illuminates carnival-like features. (via Centre Daily)

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3. Event Horizon by Antony Gormley to be displayed in Hong Kong
31 fibreglass and iron sculptures by Antony Gormley will be displayed in Hong Kong from November this year. Originally perched atop the Southbank Centre, London (2007) then on buildings in New York, Rotterdam and Sao Paulo the series of sculptures were made from life-size casts of Gormley himself. (via Artlyst)

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4. Sotheby’s announce third Made In Britain auction
The Made in Britain auction will take place on 30 Septemer 2015 and is uniquely dedicated to celebrating the diversity and creativity of British art from 1900 to the present day. A highlight is said to be a rare and early proof of a print by David Hockney. (via Artlyst)

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5. Banksy opens festival of art in Weston-super-Mare
A round up of the news wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Dismaland. An exhibition of installations and artworks curated by Banksy and featuring almost fifty artists from around the globe all noted for their irony and wit. The exhibition opens to the public from Saturday 22 August through to Sunday 27 September and will also include live performances by Pussy Riot and Massive Attack. (via everyone, but great images on The Independent)

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