We were very sad to hear the news of Jackie Collins death yesterday at the age of 77; she was hailed the queen of the “bonkbuster” and pioneer of a new frank form of erotica for women – that unashamedly championed the sexy, the glamorous and the passionate. She must have understood her audience as she sold some 500m copies of her 32 titles.

We’ve looked through our portfolio to find artists who unapologetically celebrate fantasy and romance. They paint sexy, glamorous women and love big hair, high heels, curves – and a very direct gaze… A little escapism is necessary sometimes; we hope you enjoy their works.

Fabian Perez
Hailed by his fans as a master of the intense and sensual, this Argentinian painter has something of the appearance of a romantic hero himself – with his flowing long hair and mastery of martial arts.

He loves women and paints them with great tenderness and sexuality. His work hinges on an acute sense of the erotic occasion about to happen; the women wear their underclothes and are seen in half light, exuding femininity, mystery and seduction.

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Rob Hefferan
A technically brilliant figurative painter who has a wonderful sense of the human form and is especially sensitive at capturing the curves and delicacy of the female form. Hefferan’s women are sometimes slightly demure: in white silk dresses, exuding an inner radiance and grace. Othertimes, his women are overtly sexy, in skin-tight rubber and stilettos – fantasy figures that appeal to our unspoken wants. He is brilliant at capturing the passionate chemistry between a man and a women: a kiss, an intense stare, a sudden encounter.