MyArtBroker’s revamped web-platform lets you buy and sell artwork by a range of contemporary artists including Banksy, Warhol, KAWS and Bob Dylan to name but a few. They also offer 0% seller’s fees as standard.

Established in 2010, MyArtBroker have facilitated art deals worth over £1m per annum, over the last six years, by using their extensive networks in the global art market to connect people who want to sell art with people who want to buy art.

“Conceptually, it’s quite simple,” commented co-founder Ian Syer, “and it’s something I think the public are quite used to nowadays with the likes of Uber, connecting drivers with riders, or AirBnB connecting homeowners with guests, we’re connecting buyers with sellers.”

The platform itself, is an ever-evolving project, in an attempt to make the process even simpler and, safer, for users, Syer explains “We’ve invested quite consistently in the web platform over the years, to improve the experience for the users and ensure they can sell or buy the piece they’re after as quickly as possible.”

Sellers can list a piece of art on by becoming a member (which is free of charge), after which, a ‘Broker’ with expertise in that market will start to market the artwork to MyArtBroker’s member network (10,000 and growing) as well as other dealers and galleries. When a buyer is found, the deal is done – but only after the piece has been authenticated and condition checked.

“Our members tell us, one of the biggest concerns they have when buying art online is – authenticity,” comments Syer “is what they’re buying the real deal? And honestly, with some auction sites, you just can’t be 100% sure. That’s why we have had an independent checking process from the start. Yes, we want buying and selling on to be simple, quick and easy to use, but the quality and integrity of the artwork is paramount. So, with us it’s simple, quick and risk-free.”

The website deals in artwork from a selected number of well-known artists, and sees a great deal of its business done in UK street art, with the likes of Banksy and Stik dealt frequently as new collectors enter the market, as well as growing markets in Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, KAWS (whose recent exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park ignited an interest with UK buyers) and Noble prize winner, songwriter and painter Bob Dylan.

So, what next for MyArtBroker? “We’d like to expand the art markets we operate in,” Syer says “but it’s all about demand for us. We work with secondary market artwork, this means that it has already been sold – at least once – for it to be sold again, the artist in question must have a reputation, must have some traction within the market. Established and successful artists tend to have the most buoyant secondary market – for sellers this means there are buyers out there that want what you have! And they’re the people MyArtBroker can find!”

To buy or sell art on you must become a member, which is free of charge, as is selling – their seller’s fee is a guaranteed 0%.

Find out how it works here, or watch the video above.