ICYMI this week, Antony Gormley‘s still in the news, Banksy‘s Dismaland draws to a close and Leonardo Di Caprio (pictured) is elevated way beyond Titanic-fame.

1. Sir Antony Gormley will install a new sculpture in Christchurch New Zealand this week, the piece will be a cast-iron human figure standing on the surface of a river in Christchurch city centre. Also this week, Gormley expressed his delight at one of his sculptures falling into the English Channel last week, saying it is proof of its “dynamic relationship with the forces of nature” read more about it here (via The Press)

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2. Dismaland enters its final days and is marked with a live performance by activist collective Pussy Riot, they were joined by De La Soul, Damon Albarn and Kate Tempest at a masked ball on Friday night. Apparently all ticket holders were required to wear masks so that Banksy himself could attend anonymously. Meanwhile, local press reports that Dismaland has boosted the economy of Weston-super-Mare by some £30 million. (via Mashable)

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3. In October 2013, a 7ft tall sculpture by Henry Moore, entitled, Standing Figure was taken from Glenkiln Sculpture Park in Dumfries and Galloway. Some two years later, police reveal they’ve drawn a blank despite offering a £50,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the piece. (via BBC)

4. As Damien Hirst prepares to open a new gallery in October, we learn that his infamous formaldehyde shark returns! Well, one of them does at least, Heaven, (2008), is one of a long line of similar artworks to the original picked shark of the early 90s, The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living. Heaven will be exhibited at Ordovas gallery in Savile Row. (via Evening Standard)

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5. Fox News host Shepard Smith credits Leonardo Di Caprio with painting the Mona Lisa. Enough said. (via Twitter)