ICYMI this week, five stories from around the art world, including more Gormley news, Banksy‘s Dismaland, Jamie Hewlett, Grayson Perry and a Lowry surprise!

1. Sir Antony Gormley statue topples into sea: another week another piece of news about a Gormley sculpture. On Sunday, part of the “Land” commission situated at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset fell into the sea during a storm. The piece was due to remain in place until May 2016. Last week, a Gormley sculpture disappeared from an Australian salt lake.

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2. Remaining tickets for Banksy‘s Dismaland sell out: with one week left until the exhibition-come-theme-park closes its doors, art fans from around the world spent their Saturday morning snapping up tickets for the ‘bemusement park’ which has put Weston-super-Mare at the centre of the art world this summer. If you haven’t managed to get tickets, you can read our review here. (via Bristol Post)

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3. Lowry sketches left in a cupboard could fetch £500,000: a collection of sketches by L.S. Lowry dating from 1920s to 1950s which had been consigned to a cupboard because the original owner’s spouse didn’t like them, are now set to fetch £500,000 at auction. The works show Lowry’s distinctive style, matchstick men in scenes of northern industry. (via AOL)

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4. Jamie Hewlett announces his first art exhibition: artist and designer Jamie Hewlett, who created the comic book Tank Girl and the artwork for indie band Gorillaz (pictured), will present ‘The Suggestionists’ at The Saatchi Gallery, London from November 18-December 2. (via NME)

5. Success at Turner Contemporary: Grayson Perry’s Provincial Punk at the Turner Contemporary in Margate attracted almost 200,000 visitors between May and last week. It explored the artist’s development from the early 1980s, with ceramics, tapestries, drawings, prints and films and becomes the second most popular exhibition at gallery since its 2011 opening. (via Kent Online)


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