ICYMI, brush up on the last week in art before we launch right into the next one! Featuring Antony Gormley, Ben Eine, Shepard Fairey and David Hockney.

1. Ten years of Iron Men. A new exhibition to celebrate ten years of Gormley’s Iron Men on Crosby beach will open tomorrow at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. Gormley, who created The Angel of the North, will also see his cast iron sculptures (Event Horizon) exhibited in Hong Kong later this year. (via BBC News)

See available Gormley work

2. Street artist’s murals transforming cities. Londoner Ben Eine is currently on a ‘mural tour’ of the USA to transform cities and reflect the communities inhabiting them. Eine is most notable for his typographical street art (pictured) which adorn shutters, walls and subways in London, Stockholm, Paris and now Laguna Beach. (via The Orange County Register)

3. Shepard Fairey will have his day in court. As we continue to follow the charges against Shepard Fairey for “sticking posters in several areas with a glue difficult to remove” during a visit to Detroit in May, reports are the case will go to trial and carries a potential 10 year sentence. In more positive Shepard news he has unveiled his poster for upcoming documentary ‘This Changes Everything’ – Naomi Klein’s 2014 book of the same name which looks at global climate change – and it’s pretty damn good. (via Artlyst)

See available Shepard Fairey work

4. Get a taste for art at Tate Britain Art…a Richard Hamilton work at Tate Britain features a woman, accompanied by the sound of her heels as she walks around the pictured apartment and the smell of hairspray wafting through the air. The exhibition also asks visitors to eat a bitter chocolate, whilst admiring a painting by Francis Bacon. Interesting. (via The Londonist)

5. The life of artist David Hockney is detailed in the documentary Hockney, premiering at the 12th edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival. The film in which the art and personality of the artist are brought to life, encompasses archival footage, stories from friends, models and the artist himself, it explores Hockney’s life, art and philosophy, a must for fans and art lovers.