ICYMI, five stories for your Friday afternoon tea-break.

1. Banksy backlash came late this week as reports of actor Brad Pitt getting a private tour of Dismaland circulated and Palestinian artist, Shadi Alzaqzoup, was kicked out of the park for putting a bedsheet with the words “R.I.P Gaza: Boycott Israel” over his own paintings. As Banksy continues to court controversy and the internet continues to rage, tickets for Dismaland are sold out. If you’re thinking of going.

Banksy artwork on MyArtBroker

2. It’s not everyday you visit a museum and punch a hole through a piece of art in a room full of spectators, but that’s exactly what happened to a 12-year-old boy in Taiwan this week, who damaged a 350-year-old Paolo Porpora oil on canvas work called ‘Flowers’, valued at almost £1m. (via The Guardian)

3. Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey (OBEY) will return to court next Tuesday accused of “sticking posters in several areas with a glue difficult to remove” during a visit to Detroit in May. (via Detroit Free Press)

Shepard Fairey / OBEY artwork on MyArtBroker

4. Sotheby’s announced this week that it has plans to sell the original manuscript for Bob Dylan’s song ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’. The typed up, hand edited manuscript is expected to fetch £150,000-£200,000. You can secure a Bob Dylan limited edition artwork for a tenth of the price, if you’re so inclined. (via Artnews)

Bob Dylan artwork on MyArtBroker

5. Tracey Emin (pictured) will sell her work to art fans on Sunday 30 August as Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair moves to her hometown of Margate, pay a visit and you could pick up a limited edition for £50. (via Artnet)

Tracey Emin artwork on MyArtBroker

Oh, and remember those Warhol’s that mysteriously went missing from The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce, Slovakia? Well, they’ve mysteriously turned up again, reports the Slovakian Spectator. (via Slovakian Spectator)

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