Damien Hirst and Mark Hix, of Hix restaurants in London, are opening a restaurant together. In fact, they’re re-opening their former restaurant Pharmacy; in this incarnation in Vauxhall it’s going to be known as Pharmacy 2.

The previous medically themed restaurant, Pharmacy, in Notting Hill was a favorite with the likes of David Bowie, Kate Moss, Tom Cruise and Madonna. Back then the Royal Pharmaceutical Society complained that all the pills on display could confuse people looking for a real pharmacy. But that was the late nineties (it closed in 2003), now, Pharmacy 2 is being resuscitated in Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, London; and everyone’s welcome.

The new restaurant and bar features strands of DNA etched into stained glass, pill-shaped bar stools, pill-shaped marble inlayed flooring, pill shaped embroidery on the backs of chairs (a lot of other pill-shaped things), and site-specific works by Hirst from his iconic Medicine Cabinet series and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings.

Hirst has said of the venture: ‘Pharmacy 2 combines two of my greatest passions; art and food. I’ve always loved Mark as a chef and his approach to food, so it’s great we’re working together on this.’ Hix is a long-time collector and friend on the YBA’s, and also has works of Tracey Emin and The Chapman Brothers in his various restaurants. He said of the project: “Damien and I share a love of food and art … Damien designed a formaldehyde ‘Cock and Bull’ for my restaurant Tramshed so it makes sense for me to exchange my skills by creating the menus at Pharmacy 2.”

Pharmacy 2 will open/re-open on the 23rd of February and will be serving classic British and European food, with a side of modern art. Yum.