This morning Bristol residents have woken up to a potential new artwork by Banksy.

The artwork portrays a young girl in Banksy’s typical monochrome stencil-style, wearing trousers and a skirt and holding a slingshot, her arm still in action having just released a bright red splat of what appears to be a rose – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The artwork appears in the early hours of the 13th February. And the British Somali Community Association have encouraged visitors to “come and have a look at the creativity”, adding that they “hope it’s a Banksy.”

Social media is already abuzz with photos of the new mural. It was first spotted by James P. Bullock and his girlfriend at 6.20am this morning on their trip to the gym. They may have even spotted it while it was being created.

Bullock told ITV News West Country in a tweet: “Me and my girlfriend were heading that way to the gym this morning at about 6:20 and there were people with scaffolding up. Thought it was odd and then we walked passed it again this morning!”

Detail of the potential new Banksy. Image courtesy: ITV West Country

Another eyewitness who saw the new artwork this morning pointed out that it wasn’t there when he returned from work at around 10pm last night.

However, Banksy is yet to claim the piece as his own.

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