Shakespeare is (pretty much) the undisputed master playwright, poet, and chronicler of the soul and human condition. He has been translated in to almost every language in existence, wrote over 37 plays and 154 sonnets, invented his own words, and is whom Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs gives the same precedence as The Bible.

With the constant re-imagining and referencing of his works (and invented words), it’s almost like he never went away. But he did. He died 400 years ago this week: April 23, 1616 – to be precise. 

It might feel like only yesterday, but to cheer you up, we’re celebrating this anniversary with a list of some of the most interesting, and most famous, works of art inspired by Shakespeare and his words, from Picasso to Hockney, Man Ray to Chagall and even Warhol and Keith Haring thrown in for good measure.

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