You can try to avoid them, but if you thought the dark corners of the art world were safe, well, this will come as worrying news: nowhere is safe from Kardashians.

It would appear the infamous ‘Kardashian klan’ are quite the culture vultures. Having recovered from their disappointment at being informed they possessed a fake Modigliani, they’ve moved on to someone who’s still alive and can verify the work is his own; this task has fallen upon artist Mr Brainwash of Banksy documentary fame, ‘Exit Through The Giftshop’, who was featured in a new episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

Mr Brainwash is renowned for his pop-art/graffiti style artworks of famous celebrities and cultural figures including Andy Warhol and Mickey Mouse. As it turns out, LA based Mr Brainwash is one of the Kardashian’s favourite artists.

In the episode, Mr Brainwash has the pleasure of greeting the matriarch Kardashian, Kris, at his large Los Angeles studio; which is when it is revealed that Mr Brainwash also had the pleasure of painting the ‘Kardashian klan’; but not in his typical style. Mr Brainwash revealed a painting of the Kardashians in the style of 19th century impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (who incidentally, has been on the receiving end of a lot of tongue-in-cheek criticism and even tongue-in-cheek protests from the group ‘Renoir sucks at painting’ – one wonders if the timing of this painting is intentional).

The painting depicts the Kardashians, all six of them, many of whom you may never have known existed otherwise; painted in the light, impressionist style of Renoir.

They all smile in a field of golden grass, in what looks like the south of France, on warm late autumn day. They are pictured casually enjoying a day like any other as they mill about, sit around looking pretty, wear charming bonnets and floral hats, and long Victorian dresses – symbolic of their innocence and purity. Some of the clan hold bunches of flowers, some hold hands on hip, some just focus on holding a pose.

On first sight of the painting, a friend of the matriarch Kardashian, who we know as ‘Corey’, reassures Mr Brainwash with his critique of the piece: “That’s good art”, Corey says.  The mother Kardashian chimes in with “Look how pretty Kourtney looks, and Khloe, like, ‘You bitches better take the picture now, ‘cause I’m not sitting here any more.” Followed by: “That is so amazing! You’re so cute!” and then she knocks off the artists fedora.

We look forward to hearing Mr Brainwash’s analysis of the piece, for which we eagerly await a title.