Urban pop artist Mr Brainwash has teamed up with the ‘hottest’ producer of the moment, Kygo. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you’re not alone. But with videos garnering around 8 million views, you’ll probably be hearing a lot more of him over the coming year.

Originally from Norway and hailed as one of the most ‘influential artists of electronic dance music in 2015’, Kygo’s notable achievements include producing phenomenally popular remixes of Coldplay’s ‘Midnight’, as well as his own music, and performing at the Nobel Peace Prize summit.

Mr Brainwash, the street artist and film maker formerly known as Thierry Guetta, is originally from France but now resides in the sunnier climes of Los Angeles.

Kygo won’t be the first musician the artist, who was heavily featured in Banksy’s award-winning ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ documentary, has collaborated with. The artist has worked with a few notable members of the music hall of fame, such as Michael Jackson for whom he designed artwork featured in the posthumous album ‘Xscape’, he created the Warhol-esque cover for Madonna’s third greatest hits album ‘Celebration’, and for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mr Brainwash was hired to paste street-art adverts for their album ‘I’m With You‘ all over Los Angeles (The Chilli Peppers however, reserved their album cover for Damien Hirst, who designed a photo of a house fly and a pill for them).

The collaboration between Kygo and Mr Brainwash looks like it will have a certain amount of longevity. The promotional poster for the Barclay’s concert that was released yesterday (and on Facebook has almost 14,000 likes and counting) won’t be the end of the road with Kygo for the artist. The partnership promises t-shirt designs, live art installations and for his upcoming show at the Barclay’s Centre in New York on the 21st January, Kygo has also enlisted the artists’ help; which we can only presume means some very exciting set design.