The newly renovated San Francisco Museum of Modern Art opened a couple of weeks ago; expanding to accommodate the vast, and highly valuable, Donald and Doris Fischer collection it’s inherited. The newly expanded extension has been proving very popular, but already someone has caused some damage to the artwork.

The museum is reportedly staying quiet about the incident at the moment, but last Thursday, a visitor tripped and crashed in to a work of art worth $82 million (at last auction). The artwork, Triple Elvis [Ferus Type], is an Andy Warhol, it’s a silkscreen print (one in a series of 22) of Elvis Presley as a cowboy with a gun.

After the visitor fell into the artwork, it was removed and taken to the conservation studio to be examined as to the extent of the damage their elbow had caused in the collision (which hopefully is minimal).

This visitor’s had a lucky escape, last year at Taipei’s Huashan 1914 creative arts center a boy tripped and punched a hole straight through Flowers a 17th-century painting by Italian Baroque artist Paolo Porpora.