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MyArtBroker makes sure all artwork is checked, authenticated and verified. So you can trust the art work you receive is the art work you want.

MyArtBroker is a curated site, meaning we feature artists that our collectors say they want. So, check our artist page to see the artists we currently offer. Then follow the steps below to start collecting art. You’ll need to create a free account to buy or sell with us.



Check our artist list and see if the artist you’d like to buy features in our portfolio. MyArtBroker is a curated platform, featuring artists based on demand


If so, browse and find a piece of art you like.


Contact the seller and make an offer.


If your offer is accepted, a dedicated broker will be in touch to ensure the sale goes smoothly – including condition checking and authentication.



buying and selling artwork daily



to our website each month



to guide you through the process



included in the artwork list price


Jeff Kaplan

These guys have been great.
I have known them for a bunch of years and have transacted on multiple pieces with them, including Bansky and Lorenzo Quinn.
Clear information, very communicative, clear and consistent pricing, knowledge of the market, straight shooters.
Liquidity and speed at attractive prices for sellers, better pricing than galleries for buyers.
I’m a buyer of My Art Broker.
Jeff K.
New York City

Jeremy Cowdrey

The downside in collecting art has always been that when you tire of a painting it can be a nightmare to move it on. All too often, when you want to sell, the gallery from where you bought an ‘exciting painting’ has either lost interest in it or has coincidentally ‘just taken on half a dozen works by that artist’ and can’t help you.
My Art Broker has taken away that pain. They are on your side and with energy and integrity go out to find you a buyer.
On the flip side, if you know what you want to purchase they will go out and hunt for you which invariably means you paying a sensible price.
I have bought and sold art through My Art Broker and on each occasion the transaction has been professionally handled and gone very smoothly.
They are a delight to deal with.


Many people. Some of them have large collections of art, others perhaps are just looking for their first piece.

When you’ve found the piece of art you want to buy, you simply submit an offer to buy, this is then picked up by the dedicated art broker assigned to the piece. This broker will communicate between you and the seller, until a deal is reached and the sale complete. You will pay 25% buyer’s premium on the agreed price, and be charged VAT at 20% on this commission alone. Once funds are received it will be your dedicated art broker who will processes the sale and ensure you get your piece delivered safely.

No, the site and full membership of MyArtBroker is completely free of charge. If you choose to buy or sell through MyArtBroker, you must first become a member. If you decide to buy a piece of art you will pay 25% buyer’s premium on the asking price, you will then be charged VAT at 20% on the commission alone. As a seller you will pay absolutely nothing to offer works on the exchange, and when we find you a buyer you will be charged nothing to complete the transaction. We operate a 0% fixed seller’s commission at all times.

The Art Broker assigned to the artwork will be responsible for checking the condition of the artwork and ensuring its authenticity. The Art Broker is an experienced fine art professional, perfectly placed to verify the artwork you wish to buy.

Extremely. Whilst only introduces the buyer and seller and does not process sales or own any artwork, we have taken great care to put in place systems that mean both the buyer and the seller can be confident in the transaction.

From the point that the deal is confirmed, our aim is to get your piece to you within ten days. The piece is collected from the seller only after a buyer is confirmed, it is then checked by the Art Broker and delivered to the buyer.