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MyArtBroker is a curated site, meaning we feature artists that our collectors say they want. So, check our Artist page to see the artists we currently offer. Then follow the steps below to start collecting art. You’ll need to create a free account to buy or sell with us.


Check our Artist List and see if the artist you’d like to buy features in our portfolio.(MyArtBroker is a curated site, featuring artists based on demand).


If so, browse and find a piece of art you like.

3. Contact

Contact the seller and make an offer, if accepted you’ll pay a 12.5% buyers fee.


If your offer is accepted, a dedicated broker will be in touch to ensure the sale goes smoothly – including condition checking and authentication.



buying and selling artwork daily



to our website each month



to guide you through the process



You pay 12.5% to sell or buy, that's it

MyArtBroker makes sure all artwork is checked, authenticated and verified. So you can trust the artwork you receive is the artwork you want.


Samantha Giles

To my absolute joy I finally found a print that I had been searching for over several years at My Art Broker. I had constant communication with Joe over the course of the purchase and he was extremely helpful and approachable. Can’t fault the experience in any way and highly recommended.

Jeff Ferrette

Having dealt with Joe of “My Art Broker” a number of times (Banksy’s and Miller’s) now. I can honestly say it to be an absolute joy. J


Many people. Some of them have large collections of art, others perhaps are just looking for their first piece.

When you’ve found the piece of art you want to buy, you simply submit an offer to buy, this is then picked up by the dedicated Art Broker assigned to the piece. This Broker will communicate between you and the seller, until a deal is reach and the sale complete. It will be your Art Broker who processes the sale and ensures you get your piece of art delivered safely.

In order to buy or sell art through MyArtBroker, you must first become a member, which is completely free. If you decide to buy a piece of art, you will pay a fee of 12.5% of the purchase price to the Broker.

The Art Broker assigned to the artwork will be responsible for checking the condition of the artwork and ensuring its authenticity. The Art Broker is an experienced fine art professional, perfectly placed to verify the artwork you wish to buy.

Yes! Even though only introduces the buyer and seller and does not process sales or own any artwork, we have taken great care to put in place systems that mean both the buyer and the seller can be confident in the transaction.

From the point that the deal is confirmed, our aim is to get your piece to you within ten days. The piece is collected from the seller only after a buyer is confirmed, it is then checked by the Art Broker and delivered to the buyer.