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After the success of their online store, The Chapman Brothers have now opened a pop-up shop, in reality no less. The shop is called FUCKING HELL and has been opened in collaboration with Galerie Gabriel Rolt, which started representing the artists on 17 February 2016.

The naughty brothers, often nicknamed the “enfant terribles” of the 90s British art scene, certainly picked a naughty spot for their pop-up shop, which opened in the red light district of Amsterdam on 26 February. The red light district, a notoriously explicit and morally dubious tourist trap has not intimidated the brothers, rather, in keeping with their macabre, at times morally dubious humour, they appear to have found themselves the perfect spot.

The products (and services) on offer at the new shop are pitched perfectly for those on a reckless weekend – original drawings from the YBA brothers can be tattooed on to your skin – though, you don’t get too much choice in what is tattooed, Jake apparently improvises and comes up with the drawings on the spot – so you may need to be very spontaneous or a die-hard fan for that one. Other products, similar to the online shop, include skateboards, t-shirts, posters, small original works for “a reasonable price” and skeleton toilet paper. There is also a gallery and in-house barber shop, ensuring you need never leave the Chapman’s rabbit hole. FUCKING HELL is located inside the Project Space Pacific Place at Geldersekade 28, Amsterdam and will run for an undisclosed period of time.

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