MyArtBroker allows you to buy and sell art, safely and securely online. We do this by connecting art sellers, who are creating listings every day of art they wish to sell, with art buyers who are looking for new art work on our site. We match up buyers with sellers, and provide a Broker to manage the deal. You’ll need to create a free account to buy or sell with us.


Find the right piece of art at Browse Art


Authenticate the piece and ensure the commitment to buy or sell


Achieve the right sale or buy price


Ensure the art is dispatched and delivered safely



buying and selling artwork daily



to our website each month



to guide you through the process



You pay 12.5% to sell or buy, that's it

Buy art or sell your collection with the support of a dedicated Broker, fees as low as 12.5%


Gary Horlor, UK

I have dealt with MyArtBroker a few times in the past and found the team very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to find the right Broker for me, who will find the best works in the best condition! Thanks guys.

James Langley, UK

I have used My Art Broker for many years and they always find what I’m looking for at a reasonable price with full provenance. I feel very safe in their hands and would highly recommend. 


We’re experts in the contemporary art industry. With you will get two decades of experience in facilitating the buying and selling of art.

What does this mean? It means that we know the art market, our team are able to identify markets where your piece of art might sell, we’re in regular contact with dealers and galleries throughout the world which means you can be confident your art is seen by active art buyers.

What’s more, regularly supports sales of art by some of the most well-known artists in the world, names like Banksy, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Faile, Julian Opie, Peter Blake, Pablo Picasso, Tracey Emin, Shepard Fairey, DFace, Blek Le Rat, Fabian Perez, Lorenzo Quinn and Bob Dylan.

Your art will be listed for sale alongside some of these iconic artists, so not only can our expert brokers find people already identified as being interested in your genre of artwork, we can also offer an opportunity to market your piece further afield, to a broad, varied and importantly, qualified and credible audience.

Anyone can list a piece of art, or indeed a collection of art for sale. This could be a private individual with just one or two pieces to sell, a fine art professional or even an artist themselves. We’re a curated site, featuring only certain artists, though this is growing all the time, so ensure your artwork is suitable first by checking our Artists list.

Many people. Some of them have large collections of art, others perhaps are just looking for their first piece.

In order to buy or sell art through MyArtBroker, you must first become a member, which is completely free. If you decide to buy a piece of art, you will pay a fee of 12.5% of the purchase price to the Broker.

Yes! Even though only introduces the buyer and seller and does not process sales or own any artwork, we have taken great care to put in place systems that mean both the buyer and the seller can be confident in the transaction.