Founded in 2016 by Simon Butler, and later joined by Ian and Joe Syer, Migrate Art was born from a desire to help those affected by the global migrant crisis.

The team have raised tens of thousands of pounds to help individuals and communities who have been displaced by war. In 2015, Ian Syer, co-founder of MyArtBroker, was moved by the reports that were being published in the media around the Syrian refugee crisis, both the sheer scale and the desperation that people were facing, woman and children, families.

We are extremely fortunate to own a business in an industry that is both creative and lucrative, with it comes amazing freedom and opportunity. The more I read the more I felt moved to help. I came across a charity, The Refugee Community Kitchen. After meeting with them, it appeared that funding was vital and I wanted to build a foundation that would utilise our contacts and experience in the industry to ask artists to donate work that could be sold to raise money to support these causes. After further investigation, and to my amazement, I came across Simon who was not only already doing it with Migrate Art but had circumnavigated a lot of the red tape and legislation that I faced.”

Ian Syer, Founder of MyArtBroker

MyArtBroker is proud to sponsor Migrate Art’s latest project MULTICOLOUR.




Migrate Art has four key charity partners, whose work we are proud to support, Refugee Community KitchenRefu-Aid, The Lotus Flower and The Worldwide Tribe.