MyArtBroker; connecting artists with art collectors, worldwide

MyArtBroker have been quietly working with some of the most exciting and ambitious gallery/commercial artists for a number of years. We don’t make a big fuss about it, because we believe that the artists in our portfolio should be the focus.

Our artists are creative, talented, passionate and ambitious, at MyArtBroker we support our artists to achieve their goals – whether that’s seeing their work in over one hundred galleries around the country, exhibiting on a cruise ship or exploring new projects through unique creative avenues.

As a boutique publisher and artist management company, we believe our role is to provide our artists with the tools they need to succeed – in our case that means; over two decades in the industry, direct access to the biggest distributors and retailers of art in the country, a first-class marketing team with years of experience in managing artists campaigns from social media to events, sales development and PR, an innovative and experienced creative team who excel in translating original art into prints and above all a commitment to connecting our artists with art collectors.

As is our nature, we only approach artists we’re interested in partnering with and rarely take submissions – so if you’re reading this you’re probably already in touch with one of our founders. We look forward to working with you!