Companionship In the Age Of Loneliness

Companionship In the Age Of Loneliness
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2019
Signed Print Edition of 750
H 38cm x W 30cm

Critical Review

Companionship In the Age Of Loneliness is part of the Companion collection, a body of works that all depict KAWS’ cartoon character. While Companion’s depiction differs slightly from print to print, he is always characterised by his distinct Mickey Mouse like figure, skull and crossbone head and crossed out eyes. Crossed out eyes are a repeated visual motif that run throughout KAWS’ artworks and are not just limited to KAWS’ depiction of Companion.

Throughout his artistic career, KAWS has developed an impressive cast of figurative characters. Alongside Companion, Accomplice, Chum and Bendy often feature in KAWS’ artworks. The characters were created while KAWS was experimenting with graffiti in New York in the 1990s and reflect the artist’s love for street art and animation.