Banksy Trend Report Q2


Bristol-based graffiti writer turned international market leader, Banksy is a major player in the urban and contemporary scene. We offer free and confidential valuations and market advice on any Banksy print, with zero obligation to sell. If you're looking to buy or sell prints & editions, browse the artist's portfolio and enquire today.

All Prints & Editions

Banksy: Bomb Love - Unsigned Print
Bomb Love Unsigned Print 

£30,000-£40,000 Guide

Banksy: Barcode - Unsigned Print
Barcode Unsigned Print 

£30,000-£40,000 Guide

Banksy: Flying Copper - Signed Print
Flying Copper Signed Print 

£70,000-£100,000 Guide

Banksy: HMV Dog - Unsigned Print
HMV Dog Unsigned Print 

£20,000-£30,000 Guide

Banksy: Sale Ends V2 - Signed Print
Sale Ends V2 Signed Print 

£40,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: Pulp Fiction - Signed Print
Pulp Fiction Signed Print 

£100,000-£130,000 Guide

Banksy: Love Rat - Unsigned Print
Love Rat Unsigned Print 

£35,000-£45,000 Guide

Banksy: Laugh Now - Signed Print
Laugh Now Signed Print 

£90,000-£120,000 Guide

Banksy: Grin Reaper - Signed Print
Grin Reaper Signed Print 

£50,000-£70,000 Guide

Banksy: Thrower (grey) - Signed Print
Thrower (grey) Signed Print 

£200,000-£250,000 Guide

Banksy: Barcode - Signed Print
Barcode Signed Print 

£100,000-£120,000 Guide

Banksy: Laugh Now - Unsigned Print
Laugh Now Unsigned Print 

£40,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: Toxic Mary - Signed Print
Toxic Mary Signed Print 

£40,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: Golf Sale - Signed Print
Golf Sale Signed Print 

£35,000-£45,000 Guide

Banksy: Golf Sale - Unsigned Print
Golf Sale Unsigned Print 

£20,000-£30,000 Guide

Banksy: Gangsta Rat - Signed Print
Gangsta Rat Signed Print 

£60,000-£90,000 Guide

Banksy: Radar Rat - Signed Print
Radar Rat Signed Print 

£200,000-£250,000 Guide

Banksy: Grannies - Signed Print
Grannies Signed Print 

£40,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: Applause - Unsigned Print
Applause Unsigned Print 

£20,000-£30,000 Guide

Banksy: Soup Can - Unsigned Print
Soup Can Unsigned Print 

£25,000-£35,000 Guide

Banksy: Kate Moss - Signed Print
Kate Moss Signed Print 

£140,000-£190,000 Guide

Banksy: HMV Dog - Signed Print
HMV Dog Signed Print 

£45,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: CND Soldiers - Signed Print
CND Soldiers Signed Print 

£40,000-£60,000 Guide

Banksy: Toxic Mary - Unsigned Print
Toxic Mary Unsigned Print 

£20,000-£30,000 Guide

Banksy: Morons - Signed Print
Morons Signed Print 

£60,000-£90,000 Guide

Banksy: Turf War - Signed Print
Turf War Signed Print 

£100,000-£130,000 Guide

Banksy: Morons (AP) - Signed Print
Morons (AP) Signed Print 

£100,000-£140,000 Guide

Banksy: Sale Ends - Signed Print
Sale Ends Signed Print 

£60,000-£80,000 Guide

Banksy Value & Data Trends

Track historical trends, sale results and forecast value in the Banksy Print Market.
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Growth (AAGR 5 years)
Sales (12 Months)
Sales value (12 Months)
Avg Price paid (12 months)

Banksy print index (5 years)

Curated index derived from public auction data (inc Sothebys, Christies and Bonhams).
This comprises of blended data for both unsigned and signed prints that are verified by Pest Control.

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The art world’s agent provocateur in chief, Banksy has gone from Bristol-based graffiti writer to international street art sensation. In the 1990s, Banksy abandoned freehand painting in favour of the stencil – a quick and simple medium that allowed him to avoid police detection – quickly establishing himself as a major international player in a burgeoning street art scene.

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Banksy <br>Uniques & <br>Originals

1. £18.6M for Banksy's Love Is In The Bin

What is the key to making returns on a Banksy? Destroying it apparently. Love Is In The Bin had an incredible increase in value when it returned to auction, in it’s half-shredded condition, at Sotheby’s London on 14 October 2021.

Back in 2018, Banksy pulled one of the most famous stunts in art history, when he tried to destroy his painting Girl with Balloon, now Love Is In The Bin, at a Sotheby’s auction. As the hammer went down Girl with Balloon slid through a hidden shredder in the frame and produced an altogether new work. Love Is In The Bin is the only work of art to be created live at auction and is Banksy’s all time highest record sale, achieving almost £18.6 million.

Game Changer by Banksy

Game Changer © Banksy 2020

2. £16.8M for Banksy's Game Changer

Banksy’s Game Changer raised £16.8 million for the NHS when it was sold at Christie’s 20th Century Art Evening Sale in London on 23 March 2021 – exactly one year after the UK’s first national lockdown. The price started at £1.6 million and skyrocketed as the 15-minute bidding battle unfolded, with the work eventually selling for almost seven times its £2.5 million low estimate.

Banksy donated the painting to Southampton General Hospital in May 2020, in recognition for the front-line workers’ tireless work during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. A reproduction of Game Changer now hangs in the same place at the hospital.

Sunflowers From Petrol Station by Banksy

Sunflowers From Petrol Station © Banksy 2005

3. £10.7M for Banksy's Sunflowers From Petrol Station

On 9 November, 2021, the iconic painting Sunflowers from Petrol Station sold for US$14.5million (£10.7million) at Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale in New York.

The work came directly from the private collection of the high profile British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, and transports Vincent Van Gogh’s world famous series of Sunflower paintings into the contemporary context of the climate crisis. Not only does this work exemplify Banksy’s skill as a painter, but it is also exemplary of the artist’s unmatched ability to use wit and humour to point to pressing global issues. 

Devolved Parliament by Banksy

Devolved Parliament © Banksy 2009

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