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Choose Your Weapon (hand finished, white)

Choose Your Weapon (hand finished, white)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 25

Critical Review

Choose Your Weapon features a hooded young man in dark clothing with a barking dog on a leash over a blocked khaki background. The barking dog motif is referencing Street Artist Keith Haring and as such the Choose Your Weapon series is considered a homage to Haring. Haring’s graphic style deeply contrasts Banksy’s hyper-realistic stencils to help emphasise his message, which is thought to be a comment on London (and British) gangs who often have dogs known for their aggressive temperament.

The white training shoes worn by the figure may be an amusing nod to the 'Reebok Classics' generation. The man in this Banksy print has chosen man's best friend as his weapon, whereas Banksy has chosen street art.

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