Ohmatdyt Silent Auction

BANKSY WORK RAISES £81,000 ($106,500)

CND Soldiers by Banksy | MyArtBroker

BANKSY WORK RAISES £81,000 ($106,500)

100% of proceeds to benefit Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital, Kyiv

  1. Client donates Banksy print to support the Hospital's work
  2. Banksy’s CND Soldiers was subject to a flurry of bids over a 10 day period
  3. Bidding started from £20,000 but escalated quickly

Those wishing donate to the hospital directly can do so here.

An incredibly generous client offered to sell their ever- relevant CND Soldiers print by Banksy. With starting bids of £20,000, the highest bid has far exceeded our expectations at £81,000 (US$ 106,505). Such extraordinary generosity from our seller, could not have been better reciprocated by the winning bidder, whose donation of £81,000 will make an enormous difference to the lives of staff, children and their families in the weeks ahead.
Charlotte Stewart, Managing Director, MyArtBroker


Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital, Kyiv


An incredibly generous client offered us the opportunity to sell their ever-relevant CND Soldiers by Banksy, with 100% of the proceeds going to Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. The total money raised from the successful bidder will be sent directly to the hospital. We will also donate the entirety of our commission to the cause and so the print has been sold at a fee rate of 0% to both buyer and seller.

We have appreciated all the interest & bids submitted during the auction which has helped generate these much needed funds for the children and wounded at Ohmatdyt. Your contribution to our silent auction showed a willingness to help and understand the significance of the hospital's case, and demonstrates essential support for Ukraine at this time.


Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital Kyiv


Despite active shelling and air strikes by the Russian Federation, Ohmatdyt specialists continue to remain in Kyiv to protect and treat children, and those wounded, who are being brought to hospital. Thanks to the dedicated work by the hospital, timely medical care is being provided to patients in full capacity and any money raised will ensure that this crucial work can continue.

The full functioning of Ohmatdyt is a matter of national security for Ukraine where it is working to treat all war-affected patients and those children whose lives depend on critical treatment from the hospital. Ohmatdyt is the largest children’s hospital in the country, situated in Kyiv, and is continuing to carry out essential work in the capital as the crisis unfolds. This includes continuing life saving treatment for critically ill children, as well as children and adults wounded by illegal Russian attacks.

Those wishing donate to the hospital directly can do so here.

Read more about the Ohmatdyt Children's Hospital.

Read more about Banksy's Anti-War Activism.

"Wounded children and adults are now being admitted to Ohmatdyt, and seriously ill patients are being held in shelter for days. Wounded children whose parents were killed in front of them are being brought to us. Elderly people whose homes were destroyed by a rocket are brought to us. Victims of civilians are being brought to us."
Ohmatdyt Hospital
Ohmatdyt hospital has highlighted several devastating stories that are indicative of the wider crisis, emphasising the urgency of the hospital’s cause.

Benevolent Banksy

Banksy's Girl With Balloon 2004
Girl With Balloon by Banksy 2004

Benevolent Banksy

Banksy prints are famous for their politically astute imagery. See our expert guides to verifying your Banksy print with Pest Control , and buying and selling a Banksy work.

The artist is no stranger to charitable pursuits, with his gift to the NHS during the covid-19 pandemic, Game Changer, raising an astounding £16.8 million for the University of Southampton hospital staff. Banksy has also been extremely active with donating and creating works that draw attention to refugee and conflict crises throughout the last decade - his powerful Girl with Balloon stencil is one that  immediately springs to mind, used to raise awareness for the #withsyria campaign in 2014.

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Charlotte Stewart - Managing Director

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